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Pokèmon GO: How to Catch Shiny Spinda

It's gonna take awhile to catch em all.

by Kyle Hanson


There’s a lot of rare Pokèmon in Pokèmon GO. If you truly want to catch ’em all then you’ll not only need to fill out your Pokèdex, but also get the shiny form of each of the hundreds of creatures in the game. Shiny forms have slowly been added by Niantic, with new ones marking a rush of players trying to find the ultra rare versions of their favorite in-game creatures. A new one just showed up this month, but it’s a bit different than before. This is Shiny Spinda, and to get one of them you need to know the tricks. Here’s how to catch Shiny Spinda in Pokèmon GO.

How to Catch Shiny Spinda

You may already have a Spinda somewhere in your Pokèmon vault, but unless you just caught him there’s no way he’s shiny. Instead he is one of the previously released forms of this always changing character. Spinda has over twenty different patterns you can catch, and each will have its own shiny variant. There’s no way to get them all just yet, but if you ever want to have the complete collection, you’ll need to know all the ways to get Spinda and how to try for the shiny version.

Spinda does not spawn in the wild, instead only showing up as a reward for the Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row research task. Unfortunately there’s no way to know where this research task will show up. Every time you spin a Pokè Stop while you have an open research slot you will receive its task. If it has randomly been assigned this one for the given time period, you’ll receive it. Complete it and you’ll encounter a Spinda in that month’s form. It’s a guaranteed catch, so do whatever you feel like to add him to your collection.

As far as Shiny Spinda specifically, research task rewards have a much higher rate of shiny spawns, but it is still not a guarantee. This means to get this extremely rare creature in Pokèmon GO you’ll have to get as many of the Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row research tasks as you can and complete them as quickly as possible. Your best bet to find these things is to work with your fellow Pokèmon GO players. If someone finds a Stop with the task they can report it to you all and then you will have a short amount of time to get to it. Just complete as many of them as you possibly can to increase the odds of running into Shiny Spinda in whatever form is available at that time.

And that’s how to catch Shiny Spinda in Pokèmon GO.

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