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Pokémon GO – How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon

The final Eeveelution is finally available.

by Dean James


When Pokémon Go released back in 2016, one of the biggest questions at the time was how to get the three Eeveelutions that people love. Since that time, we’ve seen four additional Eeveelutions be added to the game from their respective generations. This has left us with only one more Eeveelution to go with the sixth generation Sylveon, but now they have been added into the game. As always, there are two ways to get this Eeveelution and this guide will explain exactly how you can get Sylveon in Pokémon GO.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon

The Eeveelutions have always been very unique in Pokémon GO, as they differ in how they evolve from Eevee. The original trio of Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon were random. Espeon and Umbreon required you to walk with an Eevee as your buddy for a specific amount of time and then evolve in a certain kind of day. Glaceon and Leafeon then required special Lure Modules to be active to evolve. That just left us with one more to go with the Kalos region Fairy type Sylveon, which will begin to be available starting on Tuesday, May 25 at 10 am local time.

As with every Eeveelution, there are two methods to get Sylveon in Pokémon Go. The first is by giving it a specific name to guarantee an evolution to Sylveon, though this only works one time. Any further Sylveon evolutions will require a specific method that is definitely the most involving of them yet.

We’ll start with the easiest method for you to get your first Sylveon, which will be through the naming method. Pick your best Eevee that you want to use for Sylveon, whether that’s by IVs, if it’s shiny, or even if it has a flower crown. Go to that specific Eevee and go to edit its name and change it to Kira. Save the name here and completely close out of the game and reopen it. This will guarantee that the name has been updated on the backend and everything. When you go back to that Eevee, you should see a mystery icon that looks like Sylveon to evolve, so go ahead and evolve. Just make sure that this is after 10 am local time on May 25, as the icon has been showing up for awhile for people, but instead evolving into another random Eeveelution instead.

The first Sylveon is easy to get, but the follow-ups are going to take you a lot longer. To start, you need to make the Eevee that you want to evolve into Sylveon into your buddy. From there, you now need to earn 70 Buddy Hearts with that specific Eevee. At that point, the evolution icon should change from just a question mark to Sylveon, so go ahead and evolve it. The same rules apply here with making sure it’s 10 am local time, but we are not sure if the icon will even show up with this method otherwise. We are not sure if this is retroactive to previous Eevees that you have earned Buddy Hearts with either, so make sure you see the Sylveon icon before trying to evolve if you are trying to use an existing one.

That concludes our guide on how to get Sylveon in Pokémon Go. This has been one of the most anticipated additions to the game for awhile now, so it’s great to finally be able to get the Fairy Type Eeveelution and add it to our Pokédex.


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