Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Phantump into Trevenant

He's got some roots of his own!

by Kara Phillips


As soon as night falls, several rather spooky Pokemon will begin to show themselves in Pokemon GO, including this sweet little phantom. Unfortunately, however, Phantump is one of the more elusive ghost-type Pokemon to find within the game, so the methods can be a little lost in translation when attempting to evolve it. Nevertheless, Trevanant is a valuable fighter within any battle-ready team, so evolving Phantump is a worthy quest for any player looking for their next hard hitter. So read on to find out how you can get your roots around a Trevanant for your party.

How to Evolve Phantump in Pokemon GO

There are two methods when it comes to evolving Phantump into Trevenant, both of which are identical to evolving Pumkaboo. If you are an active Pokemon GO player and find yourself catching many Pokemon and walking around, you will need 200 Phantump candy to evolve this precious tree spirit into its somewhat intimidating counterpart. To maximize how much candy you are collecting, having Phantump as your buddy while exploring will guarantee a candy every 5km. Additionally, you can use Pinap berries each time you encounter one to double the amount of candy you will receive. Additionally, don’t forget to transfer any Phantump Pokemon for a little candy boost.

But if you aren’t in the mood for the 200 candy grind, Phantump has a significantly easier evolution method, given you have a trading partner you can trust. If you trade a Phantump, the required candy to evolve will be reduced to zero, and you will be able to evolve the Pokemon as soon as it lands in your collection. However, even though this method seems significantly easier than collecting candy, it comes with risks. If you are expecting a trade, there’s no guarantee the Phantump you will receive will have high stats, and similarly, if you are trading, you will need to ensure your partner will send a Phantump back to you.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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