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Pokémon GO – How to Get Mienfoo

Which rank in GO Battle League rewards Mienfoo

by Kyle Hanson


A brand new character has been added to Pokémon GO with Mienfoo arriving as a reward in GO Battle League. Yes, you won’t be finding this Pokémon out in the wild, at least not for now. The Fighting type character will only be rewarded for reaching a certain level in GBL, but you can get a few to make it easier to evolve a good one. To help you understand it all, here’s how to get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO

If you want to catch Mienfoo in June 2021 you need to do battle against other trainers in the PvP focused GO Battle League. Mienfoo is offered as a guaranteed reward in this month’s league, with trainers who reach level 5 getting it added to their reward pool. However, you likely won’t get it for reaching level 5 due to how it works.

So the key is to keep doing battle throughout the month, winning as many as possible to level up fast. The reward pool contains the following before you even reach Mienfoo’s level: Ninetails, Poliwhirl, Machoke, Sableye, Snover, and Ariados.

Each time you receive a Pokémon encounter for winning matches in GO Battle League Season 8 you will get one of these until you reach level 5. These will mostly be random, but you have to catch one of each so you’ll go through them all eventually. Once you hit level 5 Mienfoo is added to the pool and will be the next one you get. More encounters afterward means more chances to get Mienfoo and more Candy to evolve it into Mienshao.

At the start of Pokémon GO Battle League Season 8 you will be level 1. Compete in 5 battles to reach level 2, then win 3 battles to hit level 3, then win 4 more battles to achieve level 4, and then win 5 more battles to hit level 5 and potentially get a Mienfoo right there. Otherwise just keep winning matches to get encounters and one will show up eventually.

And that’s how to get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO.

- This article was updated on:May 31st, 2021

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