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Pokèmon GO – How to Get Minccino

And how to get shiny Minccino

by Kyle Hanson


Welcome to the year of the rat Pokèmon GO trainers! The Lunar New Year is going on and there have already been plenty of rewards and events in the game to celebrate. But more was promised and more is still to come. This Sunday, February 2nd isn’t just a great day to rewatch the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day. It’s also the day when you can finally catch Minccino in Pokèmon GO. There’s only a limited time to do it though, and you’ll need to work extra hard if you want the cutest creature in all the land. Here’s how to get Minccino in Pokèmon GO.

How to Get Minccino

Minccino will be appearing in Pokèmon GO as part of a limited research event. Beginning at 2pm and ending at 5pm local time on Sunday February 2nd players will begin receiving special research tasks from Pokè Stops. You’ll need an available research slot to receive it, so finish them up or delete them if you need to.

We currently don’t know the specific tasks you’ll receive, but they’re said to be themed after the year of the rat so catching a lot of Rattata is very likely. Finish these tasks and redeem them to encounter Minccino. Thankfully though, this isn’t the only way to get Minccino in Pokèmon GO. Additionally at this time and beyond it, Minccino will appear in 5km eggs. But that leads to the next question of how to get shiny Minccino.

How to Get Shiny Minccino and Cinccino

Yes, the addition of this new Pokèmon comes alongside the release of his shiny variant. These ultra rare and highly sought after versions are usually retained for special events. Of course, that’s exactly what this is so it’s not shocking to see a simultaneous reveal. So, with Minccino added to the game along with his evolution Cinccino, how do you get their shiny versions? Unfortunately there isn’t a big trick to it other than encountering as many as you can. Research tasks and eggs both have higher shiny rates, so you have some decent odds of receiving one. Hatching as many eggs and completing as many of the special tasks will up your odds the most, so get ready for an active day.

That should answer how to get Minccino and shiny Minccino in Pokèmon GO.

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