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Pokémon GO – How To Get Shiny Budew During Community Day

Get a shiny for the baby form of Roselia.

by Dean James


Pokémon GO Community Days are always exciting, as it gives players the best chance to obtain large numbers of a certain Pokémon, as well as offering the best shiny chances as well for that specific Pokémon. Most Community Days are just focused around one specific Pokémon and its evolutions, but the February 2021 Community Day is a little different, as it also focuses on the baby form of Roselia that you can obtain during the event. As a result, we have compiled a guide with some tips on how to get Shiny Budew during Community Day.

How To Get Shiny Budew During Community Day

While Roselia was introduced during the third generation of Pokémon, it took until the fourth generation to get not only an evolution with Roserade, but also a pre-evolution with Budew. For the Roselia Community Day, you will only be seeing wild Roselia, which means you’ll have to go through other means to get a Budew, especially a shiny one.

The method in which you can get Budew during Roselia Community Day will be through special 2km eggs you get from Poké Stops that are supposed to be nothing but Budew. Not only can you get a regular Budew in these eggs, but also there will be a chance at a shiny one. The question is how to better your chances to get a shiny though.

For those that have never seen it, a Shiny Budew looks a little different from the regular one, with a purple leafy part under the face and a yellow top that matches the face instead of it being green. You will also have the sparkles in your Pokédex upon hatching it as well.

Similar to getting a Shiny Roselia, there’s not real surefire way to get a Shiny Budew other than to do as much as you can during Community Day. That means you need to have as many open egg slots as you can and fill them with 2km eggs during Community Day. Then get as many Super Incubators as you can to hatch as many eggs as possible to try and better your chances. This is a limited time event, so you won’t have too long to do it, so you will want to take advantage while you can.

The odds of getting a Shiny Budew ae definitely going to be less overall than getting a Shiny Roselia, but either way this is still your best chance and makes it well worth trying to get Shiny Budew during Community Day.

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