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Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Buizel

Debuting during the Sinnoh Celebration event

by Kyle Hanson


The Sinnoh Celebration event has begun in Pokémon GO. There’s a lot going on, but for the shiny hunters out there there is likely only one real goal. A new shiny Pokémon has been added to Pokémon GO and it’s time to track it down. The odds aren’t in your favor, but you’ll want to get one while they’re more available than normal. So to help, here’s some tips for how to get shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO, especially during the Sinnoh Celebration event and Collection Challenge.

How to Get Shiny Buizel

Shiny Buizel will be available starting on Tuesday, January 12th at 10am your local time. The Sinnoh Celebration event starts at this time as well, which is why shiny Buizel is making its first appearance in Pokémon GO. Any time after this you are able to catch shiny Buizel, but while the event lasts, which is until Sunday, January 17th at 8pm your local time, it will be much easier.

To do it you need to encounter as many Buizel as you can, since the shiny odds have not been boosted it could take dozens, or hundreds of encounters. Any time you see one in the wild, be sure to tap it and see if it’s shiny (as seen above). If so just catch it and you’re good to go, but most won’t just stumble across a shiny Buizel in the wild. There is just one more way to boost your chances.

Completing the Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts Field Research task will award a Buizel. Unfortunately the odds are still low here, about 1 in 450 (just like catching in the wild), but any encounter is worth attempting when shiny hunting. During the event, try to get as many of these Field Research tasks as you can and complete them quickly. Just be sure to check every Poké Stop for a Team GO Rocket grunt and check into the game every six hour window starting from midnight to battle the one that arrives on a balloon.

The more you encounter, the better your chances. And that’s how to get shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO.

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