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Pokèmon GO: How to Get Shiny Mudkip and Swampert on Community Day

When does it start and end? What's the exclusive move? And more questions

by Kyle Hanson


We’re deep into the month of July which means it’s time for another Pokèmon GO Community Day event to kick off. This one centers around the Gen 3 starter Mudkip and his evolutions of Marshtomp and Swampert. During the hours of the event these special characters will be much easier to catch, appearing all around the world. Along with this will come the introduction of Shiny Mudkip which will be somewhat common during the event, but very hard to find after. To help here’s how to get Shiny Mudkip and Swampert on Pokèmon GO Community Day for July 2019.

How to get Shiny Mudkip and Swampert

First off, if you want to take part in the event you need to know when it starts and when it ends. The Mudkip Pokèmon GO Community Day event will start on Sunday, July 21st at 3pm your local time. It will run for three hours, ending at 6pm. For those three hours Mudkip will spawn all over the place, especially if you activate a Lure on a Pokè Stop once the event starts (do not put one in before 3pm or it will not function properly for the event).

As far as Shiny Mudkip goes, the rate of shiny appearances will be boosted so the best way to catch one is to encounter as many Mudkip as you can. Simply tapping them on the overworld screen then catching or fleeing. During the event you’ll get extra XP for catching Pokèmon so you might want to toss some Pokè Balls at them if you have them to spare. Beyond that there’s no big trick to get Shiny Mudkip, just check every single one that you can to find as many as possible.

Once you have a few good Mudkip in your bag you can decide which you want to evolve into Swampert, making sure to get at least one Shiny Swampert if possible. Be sure to use Appraisal to find the best candidates and trade low IV characters to other trainers if you don’t have enough. Once you are ready you’ll want to evolve your Mudkip at least within an hour after the event ends, so 7pm, and they’ll end up with Hydro Cannon. This will make Swampert one of your better Water Type Pokèmon so you’ll want a few of them.

And that’s how to get Shiny Mudkip and Swampert on Pokèmon GO Community Day for July 2019 along with answers to a few other questions. If you still have some questions let us know in the comments below.

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