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Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Snivy on Community Day

Catch or collect Shiny Snivy, Servine, and Serperior

by Kyle Hanson


Another Community Day is here in Pokémon GO, and this time you might be able to catch Shiny Snivy. Yes, April’s CD event is all about the smug looking Grass type character, with its alternate color scheme a major part of the celebration. Players will have massively boosted shiny odds for this species on Sunday, but with all the ways to catch one many players don’t know what to focus on. To help, here’s how to get Shiny Snivy on Community Day in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Shiny Snivy in Pokémon GO

A big part of Snivy Community Day in Pokémon GO are the hugely boosted shiny chances, especially combined with the raised spawn rate. The Grass type character will be appearing everywhere you look, and if you encounter them all there is a good chance at getting Shiny Snivy. But this isn’t the only way to do it, and there’s some ways to raise your chances even more.

For one, when encountering Snivy in the wild try to act fast. They spawn and disappear quickly sometimes, especially when using an Incense (which will last for 3 hours of the 6 hour long event). So tap them, then either back out or use the quick catch method (tap, drag to the right, and hold the Berry button then throw the ball and let go, tap the screen and back out of the encounter) if you want more Candy. The ones you encountered before will be facing you so you can know which to avoid tapping on again.

However, sometimes wild spawns won’t be enough to get more Shiny Snivy, so there are other methods. Let’s lay them all out, including the best way we decribed above.

  • Encounter Snivy in the wild
  • Use an Incense to increase spawns
  • Do 5 photobombs
    • take a snapshot of a Pokémon then back out and Snivy should spawn, repeat
  • Complete Field Research for Snivy encounters
  • Purchase the Snivy in the Sunshine ticket and complete the Special Research quest

And that’s it for how to get Shiny Snivy on Community Day in Pokémon GO. Once you have a few you can choose which to evolve into Servine and Serperior, which only requires 25 and 100 Candy each. For more info on the whole CD event, see our guide.

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