Pokemon GO: How to Make a Nice Throw

Catch them all in style with these tips for Pokemon GO.

by Connor Christie
Pokemon Go Nice Throw

Still looking for a consistent way to make a Nice throw in Pokemon GO? Look no further. Here we collect the most effective ways to catch them like Ash Ketchum in Niantic’s AR title. The benefit of Pokeballs and Berries in helping you catch your favorite Pokemon is well known, but your throwing technique is also essential. There are three different kinds of throwing modifiers in Pokemon GO: Nice, Great and Excellent, each with its own bonus multiplier.

We’re going to be concentrating on Nice throws as the technique you’ll develop here will help you on your way to mastering your skills. Not only does a Nice throw offer a score multiplier, but it increases your likelihood of capturing the target Pokémon, so take a look at these hints and hit the streets to test your skills.

Wait for the Ring


When facing a wild Pokémon in Pokémon GO, you’ll notice the shifting ring in the centre of the screen. This ring indicates the difficulty of the catch in either green, amber, or red. For the best results, you want to time your throw so that your Pokéball lands inside the green or amber rings as they decrease in size. Once you’ve got this down, try making your Nice throw a curveball and watch your score and experience points multiply even further.

Go Big or Go Home

Struggling to catch those pesky little bug types with a Nice throw? Look further afield for the Pokémon that take up more of the screen to perfect this technique. Snorlax is a perfect example, and you’ll feel less under pressure with a larger objective that moves slower. Once you’ve perfected your throwing with these easy targets, you can apply your technique to trickier spawns.

Berries and Balls


As we mentioned earlier, Pokéballs and Berries are incredibly important in helping you catch a Pokémon and can make a Nice throw easier to accomplish. If you’re facing down a rare or high-level Pokémon, you’ll want to swap out your regular old red and white ball for either a Great Ball or an Ultra Ball, depending on the target and your resources. If this isn’t enough, a well-timed Razz Berry will increase your likelihood of a successful capture following your Nice throw, so make sure to be well equipped when searching for new teammates.

Patience and Practice

Like anything else, making a Nice throw will be easiest when it’s second nature. So make sure to keep going for the best quality throws until it’s in your muscle memory. Once you’re proficient enough, you won’t even need to think back to these tips, know your mark, and throw your ball and the multiplier bonus is as good as yours.

Those are our tricks for catching your favorite Pokémon with ease in Pokemon GO. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, make sure to try and get even better and go for Great or Excellent catches to achieve the best results possible. Then, when you’ve captured your perfect team, you can take them to them into battle or show off your results to friends, but don’t blame us when they get jealous over your new elite trainer skills.

Pokémon Go is available now on Android and iOS.