Pokemon GO How to Power-Up Pokestop

Powering up Pokestops with style!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go has recently had a new feature introduced to the experience in the form of ‘powering up’ Pokestops. Over the last few months, Pokemon Go has seen a significant and diverse number of events being included in the game for players to enjoy. Even just a few weeks ago, an Ed Sheeran event was included for the game. Along with this, players have been earning new items and now the developers are adding a brand new feature as aforementioned, it is certainly clear that players are not going to be short on content over the next while within the game.

How to Power up a Pokestop in Pokemon Go

Firstly, in order to power up a Pokestop, you must be level 20 and above. Afterwards, you will need to find one to power up. Pokestops are common across the world and you will likely find one in major areas much quicker than smaller areas. If you are visiting a city for a day out, you may find it is prime time to locate a Pokestop and utilise it.

When you find it, be sure to tap on it first. Once you have successfully done this, you can then continue to scan it by pressing the icon in the upper right corner and pressing on ‘Scan PokeStop’. You will then need to walk around the object or place slowly while scanning it and recording it in the view of your device.

Some of the things that developers look for in a successful scan are:

  • Objects which players can safely walk all around, which include things especially like statues and sculptures.
  • A 20-30-second scan that keeps the object visible and centred.
  • A consistent movement speed and distance between the player and the object you are scanning.
  • Scans taken in different environmental weather conditions, day and night etc.

Be sure to make sure you are following some of the guidance in place for scanning successfully. It will be great to scan some Pokestops in time for the community day later this month. It should be noted that some devices may not be supported with the AR tech but most devices will be.

What the Benefits Are of Powering Up a Pokestop

There is one major benefit to powering up a Pokestop and this is receiving better/extra rewards while the Pokestop is powered up for a certain amount of time. It will be clear to players when a Pokestop is powered up due to its new appearance on the map. There are also three varieties of levels to unlock for powering up a Pokestop. A level one powered up Pokestop will require five scans, a level two powered up Pokestop requiring ten scans in total, and a level three powered up Pokestop needing twenty-five scans.

Be sure to scan and power up everything you can with this new feature to gain these extra rewards and also help other players at the same time while doing so.

Will you be scanning Pokestops this month while going for Zekrom in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is available to download now for free on IOS and Android.

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