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Pokémon GO – How to Take a Snapshot

Take a snapshot of Landorus, your buddy, or other Pokémon

by Kyle Hanson


Pokémon GO launched over four years ago and the game has only gotten more complex since. Features have been added throughout the game’s lifespan, including the ability to take a snapshot. This feature lets you take pictures of your favorite characters in the real world, and are key to finishing up many of the Research tasks you get while playing. But without detailed instructions it can be tough to figure out how this works. So here’s how to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO.

How to Take a Snapshot in Pokémon GO

There’s two ways to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO, each doing the same thing but taking you down slightly different menu paths. The quickest and easiest is simply to pull up the Pokémon menu, choose the character you want a picture of, then tap the camera icon at the top right of their page after selecting them. This will bring up the snapshot mechanic where you can snap away as you wish by tapping the camera button at the bottom of the screen.

If you have AR+ enabled you might need to find a place for them to spawn first though, so follow the on-screen instructions to get that working. You can also just disable this feature to make snapshots much quicker and simpler. If you do then the Pokémon will walk on screen as soon as you tap the camera, instead of scanning the real world space to find a flat surface for them to appear in.

But as I said, there is another way to take a snapshot of a Pokémon. If you’re in the Items menu you can instead scroll to the Camera item and select it. This will bring up the Pokémon menu where you can choose who you want. If the Research task specifically asks you to take a snapshot of your buddy, Landorus, or you need to take one of a specific type such as Ground, just find them in this menu. You can use Search for both, typing in what you need or picking it from the pre-crafted search options. Once you find who you want just select them and you’ll be able to take pics by tapping the camera button just like above.

And that’s how to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO.

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