Pokemon GO: Is the Yamask Timed Research Ticket Worth It?

Don't just splash the cash! Find out if the Yamask Timed Research Ticket is for you.

by Kara Phillips


As another event rolls around in Pokemon GO, players are faced with the decision of whether or not the timed research ticket for this event is worth their money. Unfortunately, unlike the game, these tickets aren’t free, and PokeCoins won’t cover the cost. So before you splash out on something you’re not too sure about, it’s best to understand what the Yamask Timed Research Ticket will do and how it will help you become the best Pokemon trainer. So read on to find out everything you need about this Yamask Research Ticket.

Should You Buy the Yamask Timed Research Ticket in Pokemon GO?

Any player looking to increase their Yamask encounters and reap the benefits of a considerable amount of candy for evolution should consider purchasing this ticket. It will guarantee a Yamask encounter each time you hit a new ghost-type milestone, and given how many ghost-type Pokemon can be found in the wild during the Halloween season, you won’t be hard pushed to complete the challenge before its end date on November 1. Yamask isn’t necessarily a rare Pokemon within the game, but given it only spawns during the Halloween season, there is an incentive to increase your encounter rate at every possible chance.

You won’t be locked to just encountering the standard version of Yamask, either. Once you have completed the first card of challenges, your hard work catching ghost-type Pokemon will be rewarded with a Galarian regional variant of Yamask to catch. For shiny hunters, an increased encounter rate is a positive since there are more chances to encounter the shiny variation of both versions available.

The number of encounters and opportunities trainers will have to catch this Pokemon, and the price of $1 for the ticket sounds like a huge positive. If you are struggling to add Yamask to your Pokedex, this is a perfect opportunity to do so without breaking the bank, and you’ll also have the chance to evolve and possibly catch a shiny too.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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