Pokemon GO: Is the Halloween 2022 Timed Research Ticket Worth It?

Find out if these paid experiences are worth your time in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re ready to get your flashlights and candy buckets out, you’ll be ready to jump into the Halloween Event 2022 in Pokemon GO very soon. With an event this large, you can only expect there to be a fair amount of content dropping into the game. However, there is more than your normal event, and there is even the option of two different paid tiers of extra content available.

Let’s dive in and find out what is included in each of these tiers, and what you’ll be able to get your hands on if you do purchase them. We’ll also find out if they are worth your hard-earned dollars, or if you should skip out on them to purchase some extra Remote Raid passes or Avatar items. Here’s everything you need to know about the Paid Tickets for the Halloween Event!

What Is In The $1 Ticket For Pokemon GO’s Halloween Event?

If you’re looking to get your hands on plenty of Yamask and Galarian Yamask, you’re going to want to drop your credit card details into the game as soon as possible to get your hands on this special ticket. Not only will you be able to partake in all of the other parts of this event, but you’ll also unlock some Timed Research Tasks that will allow you to run into more Yamask than normal.

Plus, you’ll also have a chance to finally get your hands on a Shiny Galaraian Yamask and its evolution for the first time in the game, so this may be worth it, especially for those that are looking for a full Shiny Pokemon team.

What Is In The $5 Ticket For Pokemon GO’s Halloween Event?


If you’re wanting to get your hands on some extra bonuses, and an exclusive Avatar Item, the $5.00 ticket will grant you all of the bonuses of the previous tier, and then some. If you’re looking to get your hands on extra candies, extra tasks, and an adorable Avatar Pose, this is going to be the way to go.

This is going to be for those that are dedicated to the game and want to give their character a bit of extra flair, as you will only be able to get the Lanturn Pose from this Avatar Bundle unless it is made available in the shop in the future.

You’ll find that there are plenty of Timed Research Tasks available for both of these tickets which will net you great rewards, so making sure that you’re ready to jump in on the fun is going to be key. If you’re waiting to get your hands on plenty of Yamask, there’s no better way to spend $1, and if you want the special Lantern Pose, the $5 Ticket is well worth your time and effort, as well!

Are These Tickets Worth It?

If you’re a big fan of Pokemon GO and want to get into the Halloween Spirit, these are going to be an excellent use of a few dollars. However, if you’re a more casual player that doesn’t see the appeal of Shiny Pokemon or Avatar Items, then you’ll be more than fine to pass these up for something different in the future.

Now that you’re up to date on all of the things you’ll need to know about these upcoming events, make sure that you’re checking into our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where you’ll be able to find out when the next part of the Halloween special will arrivethe easiest way to defeat Mega Banette in Mega-Raids, and what to look forward to with the Dia de Muertos event coming shortly!

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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