Pokemon GO Kartana Raid Guide: Best Counters and Weaknesses

You still gotta catch 'em all!!

by Amitesh Dhar


Kartana is one of the 11 Ultra Beasts that you will come across in the Pokemon universe. Thanks to the Season of Light event you will now be able to spot and even catch Kartana in Pokemon GO. This Grass/Steel type Pokemon has been spotted only in the Northern Hemisphere till now, but there’s a chance it might be available in other parts of the world as well.

That said, Ultra Beasts are really powerful and in order to fight them, you’ll need to have a solid team. That said, here’s a list of Pokemon that can easily counter Kartana’s moves in Pokemon GO.

How to defeat Kartana in Pokemon GO?

As mentioned above, Kartana is a Grass/Steel type Pokemon. It can be easily countered by Fire-type and Fighting-type Pokemon in the game, with fire being its biggest weakness. Here are a few Pokemon that shine against Kartana in battle:

  • Charizard (Mega Y) – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
  • Charizard (Mega X)- Fire Spin/Blast Burn
  • Houndoom (Mega) – Fire Fang/Fire Blast
  • Shadow Ho-oh – Incinerate/ Sacred Fire
  • Chandelure – Fire Spin/Overheat
  • Reshiram – Fire Fang/Overheat
  • Darmanitan – Fire Fang/Overheat
  • Moltres – Fire Spin/Overheat
  • Heatran – Fire Spin/Flamethrower
  • Entei – Fire Fang/Overheat
  • Arcanine (Hisuian) – Fire Fang/Flamethrower
  • Charizard – Fire Spin/Blast Burn
  • Terrakion – Double Kick/ Sacred Sword
  • Lopunny (Mega) – Double Kick/ Focus Blast

This list is heavily dominated by Fire-type Pokemon because fire attacks deal twice the damage when compared to fighting attacks. Now, you don’t really need to use the Pokemon mentioned here. As long as you take some Fire-type Pokemon into battle along with a few allies, you should be able to take down Kartana without much difficulty.

Kartana CP Levels in Pokemon GO

  • Raid Battle CP: 58,102
  • CP after being caught (without weather boost): 2010 – 2101 CP
  • CP after being caught (with cloudy/rain weather boost): 2512 – 2626 CP

Kartana Move sets

Being a Grass/Steel type Pokemon, Kartana wields a mix of Grass, Bug, Flying and Dark-type attacks. If you’ve managed to get your hands on this Ultra Beast, here are some move sets that you might consider while using it for battles in Pokemon GO:

Fast Moves:

  • Air Slash
  • Razor Leaf

Charged Moves:

  • Leaf Blades
  • X-Scissor
  • Night Slash

Since this Pokemon is currently appearing in the Northern Hemisphere only, it should appear for you locally, provided you too are located in the Northern Hemisphere. If it doesn’t appear for you locally, you will need a remote Raid Pass in order to participate in the Kartana Raids.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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