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Pokémon GO Master League Tier List – The Best Team for PvP

Craft the best team of meta counters

by Kyle Hanson


Pokémon GO Battle League Season 4 has entered its final phase. For many this is when the PvP season becomes the toughest and most fun as we’re not into the two week period of Master League. All the CP limitations have been removed and players can craft teams using all of their high CP Pokémon. But with this comes additional challenges as you try to decide who to bring along for the fight. To help, we’ve scoured the internet to put together the Pokémon GO Master League tier list, letting you decide how to make the best team for PvP in Battle League Season 4.

Pokémon GO Master League Tier List

Of course, just a raw list of top performing Pokémon isn’t enough to create a perfect Master League team. All three of your characters need to be able to work well together. So while we’ll be listing off some of the top performers within the league, make sure you compare and contrast which you end up using to be sure you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable to any specific Pokémon type. If you have all Fairy, Dragon, or Water characters then your opponent can easily defeat you with a single attacker.

So, here’s the best Pokémon to pick from for your team and keep reading for tips on which three work best together. And just a note, if you have a shadow version of these with Frustration removed then that is the optimal attacker due to the attack bonus.

Dialga with Dragon Breath and Iron Head and/or Draco Meteor
Weak to: Fighting and Ground

Giratina (Origin) with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
Weak to: Fairy, Dark, Dragon, Ghost and Ice

Melmetal with Thundershock and Rock Slide (Superpower is also good due to its quick charge but it debuffs Melmetal)
Weak to: Fighting, Ground, and Fire

Togekiss with Charm and Ancient Power (and possibly Aerial Ace as a second)
Weak to: Poison, Steel, Electric, Ice, and Rock

Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
Weak to: Fairy, Psychic, and Flying

Swampert with Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon (Earthquake is a good second)
Weak to: Grass

Metagross with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
Weak to: Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark

Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and either Psystrike or Shadow Ball (any second charge attack is useful)
Weak to: Bug, Dark, and Ghost

Kyogre with Waterfall and Surf
Weak to: Electric and Grass


The Best Master League Team for PvP

So those are some of the very best attackers in all of Pokémon GO Master League, but there are more you can slot into your team if you need to. Dragonite, Garchomp, and Darkrai are all good choices. Also, if you want to throw out Snorlax early on that can be helpful as his high defense makes for a slow start for your opponent. What you need to do is craft a solid team of three that you feel is countering the current meta of the Pokémon GO Master League in Season 4. This is ever changing of course, so no one team will work every single time. You need to see what people are using that works against you and try to fill in the gaps in your defense or offense. Here’s some of the best teams for PvP:

Dialga, Giratina (Origin), and Melmetal (or Togekiss)
Melmetal, Togekiss, and Metagross
Togekiss, Machamp, and Swampert (or Kyogre)
Mewtwo, Metagross, and Kyogre (or Swampert)
Kyogre, Darkrai, and Dialga
Giratina (Origin), Mewtwo, and Kyogre

The options truly are endless, so what usually works best is to pick one or two of your main attackers and sub in different third options until you feel like you’ve got a solid team overall. And always keep in mind the keys to victory in Pokémon GO PvP which include saving your shields for attacks you know will deal a lot of damage against you, and using charge attacks quickly to try to deplete your opponent’s two shields.

So that’s our Pokémon GO Master League tier list, along with tips for how to make the best team for PvP in Battle League Season 4.

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