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Pokémon GO Mega Gengar Timed Research Guide

How to get it, what are the tasks and rewards

by Kyle Hanson


Along with the new special research tied to the Pokémon GO Halloween event comes an equally important set of timed research. These limited time events task players with completing a set of goals with a huge prize at the end if you complete them within the window. For this one there was also a set of objectives you had to complete just to receive the objective. So let’s break it down in our Pokémon GO Mega Gengar timed research guide. We’ll explain how to get the research, what the tasks and steps are, and all the rewards.

How to Get Mega Gengar Timed Research

Unlike other timed research in Pokémon GO, the Mega Gengar tasks have to be unlocked by completing another set of timed research. This was the Mega Buddy Challenge which was offered back in September. If you finished that, the Mega Gengar research should have already shown up for you. If it didn’t then you’ll need to reach out to Niantic support to find out what went wrong. Unfortunately that research expired a while back, so there is no way now to get the Mega Gengar tasks if you didn’t complete that before. So if you opened the game and wondered how to get the Mega Gengar timed research task then you likely already missed out, unfortunately.

Mega Gengar Timed Research Steps and Rewards

For those that did complete the Mega Buddy Challenge the new timed research should have already appeared. If so then you have an idea of what’s in store here. The first set of tasks is pretty challenging and the road ahead will be difficult. But there’s lots of Mega Gengar energy waiting for you along the path, so follow along (though we’ll be updating as new tasks are revealed)…

Step 1 of 3
Transfer 13 Pokemon – 10 Pokeball
Catch 13 Ghost-type Pokemon – a Pokémon encounter
Catch 13 Dark-type Pokemon – a Pokémon encounter

Reward: 50 Mega Gengar Energy, 5 Gastly candy, 500 Stardust

Step 2 of 3
Make 9 nice throws in a row – a Gastly encounter
Evolve 4 Pokemon – a Haunter encounter
Catch 94 Pokemon – a Gengar encounter with costume

Rewards: 50 Mega Gengar energy, 5 Gastly candy, 1000 Stardust

Step 3 of 3
Claim Reward – 60 Gengar Mega Energy

Rewards – 100 Gengar Mega Energy, 10 Gastly Candy, and 1500 Stardust

There may be more steps beyond that as this one isn’t showing a page count. Check back for updates as the event unfolds. But that’s our Pokémon GO Mega Gengar timed research guide. Including how to get the research, what the tasks and steps are, and all the rewards.

- This article was updated on:October 23rd, 2020

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