Pokémon GO – Skwovet Spotlight Hour Guide, Can Skwovet be Shiny

What is the bonus, and can you catch Shiny Skwovet

by Kyle Hanson

Another Tuesday is here and Pokémon GO players have a lot to be excited about with the arrival of Skwovet Spotlight Hour. The weekly celebration usually focuses on a familiar Pokémon that players have had a lot of time to catch. This week’s however offers a chance at a newly released species. So you’ll certainly want to catch as many as possible, but can Skwovet be shiny? And what is the bonus feature? Find out in our full Skwovet Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO.

Skwovet Spotlight Hour Guide

Let’s break down everything you need to know about how to prepare for Skwovet Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO by answering the most important questioyou might have.

When is Skwovet Spotlight Hour

Skwovet Spotlight Hour will begin at 6pm on Tuesday, August 24th and will run for one hour, ending at 7pm. This is a local type event, so your time zone doesn’t matter. It will always begin at 6pm no matter where you are. But what will be happening at that time? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Skwovet Spotlight Hour Bonus, How to Prepare

Of course, the main bonus of Skwovet Spotlight Hour will be all of the wild spawns. Skwovet will be boosted during the event, to the point that they will be almost all you see out in the wild. Since they just debuted in Pokémon GO this is a great chance to get extra candy to evolve them or power them up.

And the added bonus feature will help here too. Players will receive double transfer Candy during the Spotlight Hour event. If you have any old Legendary or rare Pokémon that you’ve been hanging onto and want to get rid of, now is the time. Every transfer will yield double the usual amount, so get in and do some August cleaning.

Can Skwovet be Shiny

While you do that though you’ll likely be encountering quite a few Skwovet out in the wild, especially if you use Incense or a Lure Module. But can Skwovet be shiny during Spotlight Hour in August 2021? Unfortunately not, as they have just been added to the game and will have Shiny Skwovet debut at a later date, likely during another event like a Community Day. So just catch whatever Skwovet you want, and don’t worry about searching for that shiny variant.

And that’s our Skwovet Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, including the disappointing answer to can Skwovet be shiny.