Pokemon GO Stufful Community Day Guide: Event Move, Bonuses, and More

Here is everything you need to know about the Stufful Community Day!

by Noah Nelson


The Stufful Community Day is here in Pokemon GO and there is a lot to look forward to. Similar to the Mudkip Community Day, there will be bonuses, new shiny Pokemon, and an exclusive Special Research Story. Here is everything that you need to know to enjoy the Stufful Community Day.

Stufful Community Day Schedule

The Stufful Community Day event takes place on Saturday, April 23, at 2:00 p.m. local time and ends at 5:00 p.m. local time the same day. Unfortunately, Community Days only last a few hours of one day, so make sure to plan how you’ll enjoy it before it is upon us.

Can Stufful Be Shiny?

Yes, Stufful can be shiny. For the first time ever in Pokemon GO, Stufful and Bewear, its evolution, can be shiny in Pokemon GO. This is great news for shiny collectors because Stufful Community Day is the best day to catch a shiny Stufful and Bewear. Stufful will appear more frequently in the wild, which means you have a higher chance of stumbling on a shiny Stufful.

Stufful Community Day Event Bonuses and Bundles

There are a ton of bonuses to enjoy during the Stufful Community Day. Here is every bonus that is active during Stufful Community Day in Pokemon GO:

  • Increased Spawns
  • 3x Catch XP
  • 3-hour Incense
  • 3-hour Lures
  • 2x Catch Candy
  • 2x Chance to receive Stufful XL Candy from catching Stufful
  • 1 extra special trade can be made during the event and two hours after the event (maximum of 2 for the day)
  • Trades made during the event and two hours after the event will require 50% less Stardust.

There is also a Group Play bonus which grants 4x Catch XP for 30 minutes if multiple Trainers use the same Lure in one area. Not only are there some incredible limited-time bonuses during Stufful Community Day, but there are also event bundles that you won’t want to miss. Here is what they are:

  • Community Day Box – For 850 PokeCoins, buy the Community Day Box which includes, 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, 1 Elite Fast TM, and 1 Remote Raid Pass.
  • Retweet Box – After the Stufful Community Day receives 30,000 retweets, the shop will have a Retweet Box which includes Lure Module, a Lucky Egg, and a Raid Pass.
  • 30 Ultra Balls for free in the shop.

Stufful Community Day Special Research Story

Of course, every Community Day has a Special Research Story. For US$1.00, you will be able to participate in the exclusive Special Research Story called “Strong Stuff.” This Special Research Story will highlight Stufful and task you with an epic story surrounding the Pokemon.

Bewear Exclusive Attack

Last but not least, if you evolve Stufful during the event or two hours after it, your Bewear will learn Drain Punch, a brand new move in Pokemon GO. It takes 400 candy to evolve your Stufful. Drained Punch has 20 power and boosts Bewear’s defense in trainer Battles and has 50 power in Gyms and Raids.

And that is everything you need to know about Stufful Community Day in Pokemon GO. Enjoy the event and stay safe! For more, check out our Pokemon GO guides.

Pokemon GO is available now on all mobile devices.

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