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Pokémon GO Team GO Rocket Grunts Guide – Which Pokémon Do They Have? (February 2021)

Find out before you even face them.

by Dean James


Pokémon Go has introduced a ton of new features over the years, with one of the biggest definitely being the addition of Team GO Rocket into the game, similar to the Team Rocket fans know and love from the series. They have been integrated in a number of ways, with the most basic part being the use of Grunts that are found in Poké Stops and in balloons that you can face to save a Shadow Pokémon. There are multiple kinds of these available based on different types too, which means you have to know which Grunts have which Pokémon. For that reason, here’s our guide for the Team GO Rocket Grunts on which Pokémon do they have? (February 2021)

Which Pokémon Do They Have? (February 2021)

There are a number of different Team GO Rocket Grunts that you can come across in Pokémon GO, whether they be at Poké Stops or in Team GO Rocket Balloons hovering above. Not only are there different types of Team GO Rocket Grunts, but each one can have different lineups of Pokémon as well within them. That’s why we have gathered the list below, which is broken down into the typing based on their intro quote and the Pokémon that you can face among their three. The only thing to look out for is that there are two Grunts with the same quote, but one of them is for a specific Pokemon instead of type and is very rare. As of February 2, this lineup of Team GO Rocket Grunts has changed with which Pokemon they have with them.

  • Don’t tangle with us! (Grass) – Male Grunt
    • Lileep*/Hoppip*/Oddish*
    • Weepinbell*/Ivysaur*/Gloom*
    • Shiftry/Victreebel/Vileplume
  • These waters are treacherous! (Water) –  Female Grunt
    • Shellder*/Poliwag*/Wooper*
    • Golduck/Poliwhirl/Marshtomp
    • Politoed/Poliwrath
  • These waters are treacherous! (Water) –  Male Grunt
    • Magikarp*
    • Magikarp
    • Magikarp/Gyarados
  • Do you know how hot Pokémon fire breath can get? (Fire)
    • Vulpix*/Houndour*
    • Ninetales*/Magmar*/Houndoom*
    • Ninetales/Charmeleon/Arcanine
  • Get ready to be shocked! (Electric)
    • Magnemite*/Electabuzz*/Mareep*
    • Flaaffy/Electabuzz/Magneton
    • Electabuzz/Ampharos
  • Wherever there is light, there is also shadow. (Dark)
    • Sableye*/Stunky
    • Skuntank/Nuzleaf
    • Shiftry/Cacturne
  • Battle against my Flying-type Pokémon! (Flying)
    • Golbat*/Skarmory*/Gligar*
    • Scyther/Golbat/Crobat
    • Dragonite/Crobat/Gyarados
  • Go, my super bug Pokémon! (Bug)
    • Anorith*/Venonat*/Shuckle*
    • Pinsir/Scizor/Venomoth
    • Beedrill/Scyther/Scizor
  • This buff physique isn’t just for show! (Fighting)
    • Hitmonlee*/Hitmonchan*/Machop*
    • Machoke
    • Machoke/Hitmonlee
  • Normal does not mean weak. (Normal)
    • Teddiursa*
    • Ratitude/Porygon2
    • Snorlax/Porygon-Z
  • You’ll be defeated into the ground! (Ground)
    • Swinub*/Diglett*
    • Vibrava/Pupitar/Marowak
    • Gliscor/Flygon
  • Let’s rock and roll! (Rock)
    • Aron*/Nosepass*
    • Larvitar*/Pupitar*/Lairon*
    • Pupitar/Tyranitar
  • You’re gonna be frozen in your tracks. (Ice)
    • Spheal*/Snover*
    • Sealeo*/Cloyster*/Swinub*
    • Abomasnow/Lapras/Cloyster
  • Coiled and ready to strike! (Poison)
    • Nidoran ♂*/Nidoran ♀*/Zubat*
    • Grimer/Muk
    • Muk/Nidorina/Weezing
  • Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power? (Psychic)
    • Exeggcute*/Wobbuffet*/Slowpoke*
    • Kadabra/Drowzee/Kirlia
    • Kirlia/Exeggutor/Hypno
  • Ke…ke…ke…ke…ke…ke! (Ghost)
    • Misdreavus*/Shuppet*/Duskull*
    • Banette/Dusclops
    • Dusknoir/Banette/Sableye
  • Ke…ke…ke…ke…ke…ke! (Ghost)
    • Misdreavus*/Shuppet*/Duskull*
    • Banette/Dusclops
    • Dusknoir/Banette/Sableye
  • ROAR!…How’d that sound? (Dragon)
    • Dratini*
    • Dragonair
    • Gyarados/Dragonite
  • Don’t bother – I’ve already won! Get ready to be defeated! Winning is for winners! (No specific type)
    • Snorlax*
    • Gardevoir/Snorlax/Poliwrath
    • Gyarados/Snorlax/Dragonite

*Can be caught

That’s our guide for a breakdown of the Team GO Rocket Grunts and what Pokémon they have for the month of February. Keep in mind that this could change again after the event or event during. This should help you track down which grunts you want to face to get just the right Shadow Pokémon that you want.

- This article was updated on:February 2nd, 2021

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