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Pokémon GO Virizion Raid Guide – The Best Counters and How to Beat

The best new counters against Virizion

by Kyle Hanson


After quite a bit of a delay the Swords of Justice trio is returning to Pokémon GO for the next week starting today, November 16th at 1pm PT and going until November 24th. All three of these Pokémon will be in legendary raids during this time, and there’s a chance you will encounter their shiny version. We’ve been breaking them all down and it’s time for Virizion. Here’s our Pokémon GO Virizion raid guide showing you the best counters and how to beat him.

Pokémon GO Virizion Raid Guide

The Swords of Justice trio isn’t the toughest set of legendary Pokémon out there, but Virizion might be even easier than his companions. As a Grass and Fighting type Pokémon, he is extra weak to Flying attacks, but is also vulnerable to Psychic, Fire, Poison, Ice, and Fairy. With a strong team you can take him out with just 2 trainers, though everything will need to be on your side to pull it off.

Windy weather will give your already extremely potent Flying attackers another boost, along with any Psychic Pokémon you have as well. Also, if you’re best friends in Pokémon GO and use high CP Shadow and Mega Pokémon you can assure victory quickly. Overall I’d recommend going in with at least 4 trainers if you aren’t fully optimized though, and the more you have with you the quicker the battle will be.

As far as Virizion’s attacks he will come in with either Quick Attack (Normal) or Zen Headbutt (Psychic) for his fast move and either Leaf Blade (Grass), Close Combat (Fighting), or Stone Edge (Rock) for the charged attack. Watch for these if your team is taken out too quickly and adjust to Pokémon that aren’t weak to the incoming attack. So, let’s move on to the best counters against Virizion in Pokémon GO.

The Best Virizion Counters

Below is a chart with the best counters assuming you want to go in with just standard Pokémon. However, some of the best counters are Mega or Shadow Pokémon, so make sure to bring them as well if you have them. Shadow Moltres with Wing Attack and Sky Attack is the overall best counter, with Mega Pidgeot with Wing Attack and Brave Bird a close second. Shadow Mewtwo with Confusion and Pysstrike, and Shadow Zapdos with Charge Beam and Drill Peck are also top contenders. If you’re removed Frustration and have them available, now is a good time to use them. Otherwise, here’s the regular best counters…

Pokémon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Moltres Wing Attack Sky Attack
Honchkrow Peck Sky Attack
Rayquaza Air Slash Aerial Ace
Ho-Oh Hidden Power Brave Bird
Tornadus Air Slash Hurricane
Braviary Air Slash Brave Bird

And that’s our Pokémon GO Virizion raid guide along with how to beat him using the best counters. Good luck, hope you get a shiny.

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