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Pokémon GO – Why is Green Confetti Falling on the Map Screen

Why is confetti in Pokémon GO

by Kyle Hanson


Loading up Pokémon GO for the first time today you may have been surprised to see green confetti falling all around you. Depending on when you logged in for the first time it may be raining down on the map screen as you read this. Of course, it’s there to celebrate something, as has happened for events like the Kanto Tour and others in the past. So here’s the answer to why is green confetti falling on the map screen in Pokémon GO.

Why is Confetti Falling in Pokémon GO

If you still see green confettin in Pokémon GO then Friendship Day is still going on for you. The three hour long event has a lot of cool stuff to do and take part in. We break it all down in our Friendship Day event guide, so check that out if you want more info. One of the “bonuses” it seems is the green confetti on the map screen.

Why is the confetti green? That’s another good question, and the answer is all around you once again. The green color is to celebrate the Grass-type Pokémon that are spawning as part of the event. This is billed as the “first” Friendship Day event in Pokémon GO, so more will come some time in the future (perhaps it will be yearly like many other events). And for this first celebration Niantic has focused on Grass Pokémon, with many spawning more often in the wild. The green confetti is meant to add to this celebration.

So that’s why green confetti falling on the map screen in Pokémon GO. At least, that’s if it’s still happening for you. Once the confetti is gone the event is over, which you can find out more about in the link above. Check it out and try to get all you can out of the Friendship Day event before it’s over.

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