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Pokémon Home – How to Get Pichu, Rotom, and Eevee Mystery Gifts

Be sure to claim these Mystery Gifts before they're gone

by Kyle Hanson


Loading up Pokémon Home for the first time can be daunting. We walked you through most of it, but there’s a lot of little things in here that you aren’t directly told about, until you encounter it on your own. This is the case for features, as well as a set of Mystery Gifts that you can claim during these opening months. But how do you do it? Here’s how to get the Pichu, Rotom, and Eevee Mystery Gifts in Pokémon Home.

How to Claim a Mystery Gift

But first, a quick rundown of the process for claiming unlocked Mystery Gifts. You’ll do this for all of the below, so reference back to it if necessary. Once you unlock a Mystery Gift in Pokémon Home just tap the menu button at the bottom and Mystery Gifts. Anything you have unlocked is in the Gift Box so tap that, tap the one you want, and claim it to insert that Pokémon into your box. Now let’s go into how to unlock these gifts.

How to Get Pichu in Pokémon Home

Let’s start with Pichu, since you likely already got your Pikachu from just opening and using the Pokémon Home app. Pichu requires you to use your Binder, a feature of your profile that the app doesn’t explain outright. To get there just tap on your name and points in the main screen. Your binder is displayed at the top here, with a large white space with the Pokémon logo on it. Tap it to hear an explanation of the feature. Now all you need to do is add a sticker to it so tap stickers, choose one, and place it. This unlocks the Pichu Mystery Gift, so head in and claim it or finish up the next two first.

How to Get Rotom in Pokémon Home

Rotom isn’t quite as easy to get as Pichu, requiring the actions of another player to complete the task. To get Rotom in Pokémon Home you need to trade a creature on the GTS system. We explained that here but just as a refresher, the system lets you place a Pokémon into it while requesting another in return. Go in there and deposit a creature you’re willing to give up and ask for something easy in return and you should finish this task pretty quickly. If you struggle with it, you can always coordinate with a friend so you can find each other on GTS and trade. Once you do, just follow the above guide to claim your Rotom Mystery Gift.

How to Get Eevee in Pokémon Home

Getting the Eevee Mystery Gift is a bit easier, but still requires other, random players. The Eevee quest requires you to put a Pokémon up for a Wonder Trade. This is the random trading option found just above GTS. Place a Pokémon into a Winder Trade Box and wait. Eventually someone else will send you their random character, and once you claim it you’ll unlock the Eevee Mystery Gift. Follow the steps above and that’s how to get the Pichu, Rotom, and Eevee Mystery Gifts in Pokémon Home.

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