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Pokemon Home – How To Use GTS

Be specific with your trading.

by Dean James


While Pokemon Sword and Shield launched back in November, fans were waiting for the arrival of the previously announced Pokemon Home as a way to store Pokemon across multiple different generations that they could partially bring over into Pokemon Sword and Shield if they are part of the Pokedex. Sometimes there are Pokemon that you just can’t acquire, whether it be not available in your version or perhaps being one of the other starters. For that reason, Game Freak in the past implemented what was known as the Global Trading System, or GTS, as a way to help with this and now it has returned for this generation via Pokemon Home.

How To Use GTS

Pokemon Home has launched on not only the Nintendo Switch, but mobile devices as well. In fact, the mobile version of the app offers a lot more features for you to mess around with, one of which is GTS.

Starting off, you need to download Pokemon Home on iOS or Android and link it to your My Nintendo account. You are going to want to make sure you have all of your Pokemon that you want within this, whether that means transferring them from Pokemon Bank or from games like Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Let’s Go, and Pokemon Go.

Once you have the Pokemon you want to put up for trade, open back up your Pokemon Home app and tap to start. On this screen, tap the “Trade” tab on the top left of the screen, which brings up a new window with even more options for you to choose from.

On this screen, you want to tap on GTS, which provide you with two options, “Deposit Pokemon” and “Search for Pokemon.” At this point, you can place any of your Pokemon up for trade that you have, with you being limited to one on the free plan and up to three on the premium subscription. When you deposit a Pokemon, you also have to specify which Pokemon you would like in return. This includes options such as gender and level as well if you have a preference.

If you’d rather just browse what has already been put up through GTS, go back and pick the “Search for Pokemon” option, which gives you an array of choices to choose from. This shows all the Pokemon that have been put up for trade and what each person wants in return. If you see one that matches what you have, you can execute the trade right then and there.

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