Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Trade With Friends

Trading is possible in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokémon Legends Arceus is now available to the masses and eager fans are beginning to dive into the experience. Set in the Hisui region, every step you take will feel brand new as you venture through what looks set to be an enthralling environment with mystery and discovery encapsulated throughout the world. Whether you are deciding upon what starter Pokémon you want when you start the game for the first time or choosing your pokemon trainer. This guide article will inform you of how to trade in Pokémon Legends Arceus with other people.

How to Trade in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Trading can be done either locally or online and thus there are no restrictions on who you are able to trade with which is a great feature to have for the game. Firstly, you will need to progress through the story until you reach ‘Jubilife Village’. Once Quest/Mission 5 ‘A Request from Mai’ is available you will notice a ‘Trading Post’ in the northwest section of the village will be able to be utilised. Simply walk up to the trading post and press ‘a’. There will then be dialogue that occurs and once it is completed you will want to select the top option on the box which is ‘I want to trade Pokémon’ which will, of course, let you begin to trade pokemon.

Now that you have selected that option, two other options will appear on the screen. You can either choose ‘Someone Nearby’ to trade locally or select ‘Someone far away’ to trade with players online. If you want to trade with players online, select that option and you will observe the game connecting to the internet. You will need to create a ‘Link Code’ that can be input by the other player that you want to trade with and then once the other player has input the same code you will be able to begin trading within Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Why Trade with Others Within the Experience

There are a vast array of reasons why trading with others in the game is beneficial to your experience. You may simply want to utilise trading as a way to obtain rarer pokemon with ease or a pokemon that you have been wanting to acquire for a long time. Either way, the trading system will allow you to collect Pokemon you may have not been able to find right away.

Following on from that, the ability to trade with others locally means that if you are playing with people around you in a group and one of you happens to encounter a Pokemon that the other person has been looking for then you will be able to quickly make your way to a trading post and assist them in obtaining the Pokemon. Ultimately, trading will allow you to always be able to collect Pokemon that are a bit more difficult to encounter in the wilds of the Hisui region.

Will you be trading within Pokemon Legends Arceus this month?

Pokemon Legends Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch now.

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