Pokémon Legends: Arceus Pre-Order Guide – Where You Should Buy For Best Pre-Order Bonus

Listing out all the retailers that offer special pre-orders for Game Freak's next biggest game.

by Elliott Gatica


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is just on the horizon of being released. This game is starting to seem like a bigger deal since many large outlets are having promotional pre-order bonuses on their storefronts. Here, we’ll break down the pre-orders for each outlet that provides incentives in doing so for the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Places that offer pre-order bonuses for Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Pre-ordering the game on Amazon will give you a code for a Garchomp Kimono Set for your character. It does not matter if you pre-order it physically or digitally. Just as long as the game is pre-ordered from Amazon, you’ll get it. Codes will be distributed on the day of the game’s launch.



If you pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus from Gamestop, you’ll be able to receive a free art card set. These cards look as they are advertised. They’re nice for people who like to collect small art pieces like these for decorative or collectible purposes.

Pokemon Center

The official Pokemon Center sells official items, games, and memorabilia pertaining to Pokemon. Their pre-order bonus is an Arceus Sitting Cuties Plush which looks very well made. This comes at no additional cost either.


You can receive the promo Pokemon TCG Card Arceus V by pre-ordering the game from Play-Asia. This game will be a Japanese import, meaning that the game and card will come in Japanese. Though, the game can be played in English as stated on the site. You may need an account that corresponds with the game’s region for online connectivity, however.

Which outlet has the best pre-order bonus?


It’s a tie between the Pokemon Center and Play-Asia as these are limited-run collectibles that can be highly sought out for enthusiasts down the line. The Arceus plushie looks high quality and doesn’t come at an additional cost. Small plushes usually cost a minimum of $20 USD.

As for the Play-Asia promotional card, collectors will have a blast holding onto this. Even if the card is in Japanese, it could definitely be quite a pricey item, given that Pokemon cards have had a resurgence in popularity since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of course, it all boils down to preference in the end. Even for people who don’t pre-order the game from one of these retailers and outlets, there are in-game items to be given regardless.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to release on January 28, 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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