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Pokemon Let’s Go How to Catch Best Pokemon

Catch the best Pokemon.

by William Schwartz


In Pokemon Let’s Go your goal may be to topple the Gym Leaders of the Kanto Region, but along your way you’re going to be catching plenty of Pokemon.  While it may not be entirely clear at first, there are different tiers of Pokemon that you can catch.  There are rare Pokemon, there are shiny Pokemon, and there are Pokemon with perfect stats to add to your collection.  Catching these rare Pokemon is going to take some time and some luck.

Catching rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go is really going to be boil down to stacking the odds in your favor.  Just going out and looking around the world for rare Pokemon you’re going to have very slim odds of catching rare, shiny, or perfect Pokemon.  To better your odds for catching rare Pokemon with better stats or unique looks you’ll want to start focusing on Catch Combos.

Catch Combos are simply catching the same Pokemon over and over again.  If it’s a perfect Bulbasaur you are after, you’ll want to avoid everything but the Bulbasaur in the world, attempting to catch only them, over and over again.  As you do you will increase you catch combo.  To start getting better spawn rates for perfect Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, and rare Pokemon.

To further increase your odds of catching better Pokemon you can use lures.  Lures act as a temporarily buff to the spawn rate of better Pokemon.  When lures are coupled with a Catch Combo over 30 you will see much better odds of catching the best Pokemon.

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