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Pokemon Let’s Go How to Get Shiny Pokemon

Stack the odds in your favor.

by William Schwartz


Shiny Pokemon are a different variation of the standard Pokemon that you find in Pokemon Let’s Go.  These rare shiny Pokemon can be found in the game and despite the fact that there is no difference between them and their normal-looking counterparts they do look nicer.  Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go can really round out your collection as they are quite rare and not everyone will put in the time with the game or actually know how to find them as it takes a little bit of work.

Like regular Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon can be found roaming the game’s overworld.  They are extremely rare though as the chances that you find one in your game is about 1 in 4000.  To catch a Shiny Pokemon you’re going to have to tilt the odds in your favor.  There are a couple of different ways that you can stack the odds so that you can catch Shiny Pokemon.

Using Lures & Charms to Catch Shiny Pokemon

If you use Lures in Pokemon Let’s Go you’re going to increase your odds of catching a Shiny Pokemon.  This means you’ll cut this original spawn rate from 1 in 4000 down to about 1 in 2000.  You can also use the Shiny Charm to cut the odds down as well.  The Shiny Charm will take the odds from 1 in 4000 to 1 in 1300.  Using them both, together, will cut those odds down even further to about 1 in 1000.

While those odds still don’t sound too great, they’re much better than where we started.

Catch Combo for More Shiny Pokemon

Catching more of the same Pokemon over and over again will increase your Catch Combo.  This combo will directly impact the spawn rate for Shiny Pokemon.  If you catch over 30 of the same type of Pokemon you will have a much higher chance of a Shiny Pokemon appearing (as well as it having better IV).

Catch Combo + Lure + Charm = Shiny Pokemon

There still going to be some element of luck involved but you can get that number down even further if you get a +30 Catch Combo while using a Lure and a Shiny Charm to a manageable 1 in 270 spawn rate.  If you’re on the hunt and are looking to get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go, your best bet is increase that Catch Combo and then use both a lure and charm to sweeten the odds of finding one.

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