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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Meltan

Here's how to get the newest mythical Pokemon

by Kyle Hanson


While Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu are all about those original 151 Pokemon from Gen 1, they still dabble in the more current generation, even serving as the debut for a totally new character. Meltan was teased through Pokemon GO before the launch of Let’s Go, and now that the latter is hear players can actually catch the mythical creature. But the process is kind of complex, so here’s how to get Meltan in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Something to keep in mind with this is that you will need Pokemon GO to get Meltan in Let’s Go. The way it’s done, in short, is that you transfer any Pokemon from GO to Let’s Go (so from mobile to Switch), which gives you a special item that spawns Meltan in GO. Once you have him there you can transfer him back to Let’s Go to have him on the Switch instead. So, that was the short answer. Here’s the long one…

First up, to get Meltan in Pokemon GO and Let’s Go, you need a Mystery Box. To get this you must transfer a Pokemon from GO to Let’s Go. You can click here to follow the process of that. Once you transfer any character to Let’s Go you will receive a Mystery Box on Pokemon GO. Click here to find out what the Mystery Box does. In short, it’s your path to Meltan, so open it up to grab the elusive Pokemon.

That will get you Meltan in PoGo, but what about getting him in Let’s Go? Simple, just transfer him using the process outlined in the link above. Send him back to Let’s Go to complete your 152 character Pokedex in that game, but just understand that you can’t send him back to GO on mobile. The process is one way, so be sure you know where you want Meltan before you go through all of these steps.

- This article was updated on:November 25th, 2018

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