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Pokemon Let’s Go How to Ride Pokemon

Ride your Pokemon by taking them out of the Poke Ball

by William Schwartz


There are certain Pokemon that you can ride in Pokemon Let’s Go.  To ride Pokemon in Let’s Go you’ll need to do a couple of things.  First you’ll need to follow the steps below to take the Pokemon out of their Poke Ball and you’ll need to make sure that the Pokemon you are trying to ride is actually one that can be ridden.  So first things first, here’s what you need to do to take Pokemon out of their Poke Ball so they can be ridden.

Taking Pokemon Out of Poke Ball to Ride Them

Step 1: Press X ( Red Button on Poke Ball Plus) to open the menu

Step 2: First you’ll need to make sure that the Pokemon that you want to ride is in your party.  If they are, you can then just hover over them press the + on the Joy-Con to take them out.  You can also select the Pokemon that you want and click on them which will open up a menu and then select Take out of Poke Ball.  You’ll get a confirmation that they are travelling alongside you.

Step 3: Exit back out to the game and you’ll see your new companion and you’ll automatically be riding your Pokemon.

WhichPokemon  can be ridden?

So how do you know which Pokemon can be ridden and which ones can’t?  Well, it’s usually the bigger Pokemon that you can ride.  There are quite a few Pokemon that can be ridden in Let’s Go.  These include:  Onix (which is one of the first that you can get), Charizard, Gyarados, Lampras, Snorlax, and more.  Some Pokemon that you can ride need to be unlocked by completing certain activities.  Persian, for instance, must be unlocked in Vermilion City by talking with an NPC and presenting him with Pokemon that you’ve caught.

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