Pokemon Masters EX Tier List | Best Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters

Using the right pair is key to winning.

by Christian Bognar

Pokemon Masters Ex is a spinoff of the beloved Pokemon series and is a favorite among mobile gamers. Masters Ex is different from the standard entries in the series, considering the combat mainly focuses on three versus three battles consisting of mixing and matching trainers and Pokemon. There are many ways you can create pairs, and while there is no wrong answer, some pairs are way more substantial than other options. This article will provide you with our definitive ranking of the best Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters Ex.

Ranking the Best Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters EX

Note that there are three categories that sync pairs can fall into. These include Attack Sync Pairs, Tech Sync Pairs, and Support Sync Pairs. On the graph below, you will see these three categories and all tiers. Continue reading for a brief description of each tier.

TierAttack PairsTech PairsSupport Pairs
SSygna Fruit Cynthia + Kommo-o
Sygna Fruit Grimsely + Mega Sharpedo
Cynthia + Mega Garchomp
Hilbert + Mightyena
Karen + Mega Houndoom
Leon + Charizard
N + Zekrom
Steven + Mega Metagross
Acerola + Palossand
Bianca + Musharna
Serena + Delphox
Sygna Fruit Leaf + Mega Venusaur
Xatu + Will
Mew + Professor Oak
Player + Torchic
Sabrina + Mega Alakazam
Skyla + Swanna
Sygna Suit Blue + Mega Blastoise
Kris + Suicune
AAlder + Volcarona
Blue + Mega Pidgeot
Brendan + Sceptile
Iris + Haxorus
Lance + Dragonite
May + Mega Lopunny
Burgh + Leavanny
Cyrus + Palkia
Lyra + Jigglypuff
Lysandre + Yveltal
Selene + Decidueye
Wally + Mega Gallade
Player + Solgaleo
Lisia + Mega Altaria
Ghetis + Kyurem
May + Swampert
Alcremie + Dawn
Torkoal + Flannery
Luxray + Volkner
Whimsicott + Serena
Koga + Crobat
Hydreigon + Iris
Glacia + Mega Glalie
Erika + Comfey
Jasmine + Celesteela
Lillie + Clefairy
Sygna Suit Elesa + Rotom
Rosa + Delibird
Piers + Obstagoon
Professor Sycamore + Xerneas
Hilbert + Samurott
BCaitlin + Reuniclus
Elesa + Zebstrika
Korrina + Mega Lucario
Lance + Gyrados
Bruno + Machamp
Ethan + Typhlosion
Red + Snorlax
Brock + Onix
Wallave + Milotic
Calem + Meowstic
Viola + Masquerain
Skyla + Togekiss
Clemont +Heliolisk
Kukui + Lycanroc
Ramos + Victreebel
Mallow + Tsareena
Liza + Lunatone
Phoebe + Dusknoir
Lana + Araquanid
Drake + Salamence
Rosa + Serperior
Pikachu + Plater
Dusknoir + Phoebe
Leaf + Eevee
Lyra + Meganium
Dawn + Torterra
CBarry + Empoleon
Bugsy + Mega Beedrill
Gardenia + Roserade
Roxie + Scolipede
Molayne + Dugtrio
Pryce + Dewgong
Silve + Ho-oh
Zinne + Rayquaza
Roark + Rampardos
Hapu + Mudsdale
Noland + Mega Pinsir
Acerola + Mimikyu
Sophocles + Togedemaru
Siebold + Octillery
Erika + Vileplume
Blaine + Rapidash
Crasher Wake + Floatzel
Marnie + Morpeko
Cheryl + Blissey
Maylene + Medicham
DMarshal + Conkeldur
Norman + Slaking
Shauntal + Chadelure
Siebold + Clawitzer
Player + Solgaleo
Tate + Solrock
Valerie + Sylveon
Lucy + Seviper
Lt. Surge + Electrode
Brycen + Cryogonal
Candice + Abomasnow
Mina + Granbull
Thorton + Bronzong
Whitney + Miltank
Grant + Aurorus
James + Weezing
Lorelei + Lapras
Brawly + Hariyama
Gladion + Silvaly
Winona + Pelipper
Marlon + Carracosta
Marley + Arcanine
Cheren + Stoutland
Roxanne + Probopass

S Tier

These combinations are the strongest due to how hard they hit or how much support they provide. You will go right with all these pairs, as they make you a formidable force to reckon with. Their skills complement one another, making one hell of a team. For example, Kris and Suicune offer buffs to increase attack power and abilities to weaken the opponent’s defense. They aren’t the only one either, as each team here provides a high Critical Rate and healing options to keep your team alive longer.

A Tier

These pairs have skill sets that complement one another, like S-rank, but take more time to master and a little longer setup period. That’s okay, though, as once you fully understand how to use these pairs, you can become a powerful team. All of these pairs excel in their specific class shown on the grid; for example, Jasmine and Celesteela are the perfect support pair for their high defense stat, along with the potential to maximize her team’s Critical Hit Rate. This is the type of talent you will find at the A level.

B Tier

These pairs are a good choice if you want to progress further in the game. They can help you access higher-level teams, but once you finally get your hands on others, it would be wise to replace them for more substantial options. While these trainers have good moves, such as “You and Me” from the Red and Snorlax Pair, which reduces the sync move countdown by one, they don’t offer more than one useful ability. If the critical rate potential eventually increases or they get additional helpful moves, they could fit in the A Tier.

C Tier

This is when pairs start to enter into the weak territory. Some of these pairs make no sense regarding the lore of Pokemon; for example, Noland and Pinsir have no significant relationship in any form of the series medium. The lack of bond between trainers and Pokemon shows in battle through the weaknesses of their attack power and lackluster defense.

D Tier

You should only invest time into these pairs if you want to challenge yourself. But sometimes, it just seems impossible to win with these options. Unfortunately, some favorite names landed this low, such as Sylveon or Electrode, but they seem weak here compared to mainline entries. They don’t pair well with their trainers, and no skills complement one another well enough to progress on the battlefield.

Pokémon Masters EX is available now for Android and iOS devices.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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