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Pokemon Masters – How to Evolve Pokemon

Sync Pair Evolutions are gated by level, currency, and missions.

by William Schwartz


Evolution works a little bit different in Pokemon Masters. To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters you need to meet a couple of different requirements and complete an objective to finish the evolution. To evolve you’ll first want to make sure that you’re leveling up the Pokemon that you want to perform an evolution on.  You’ll need to raise the level of your Pokemon dependent on which level you are trying to evolve.

  • Stage 1 Evolution: Reach level 30 and complete Sync Pair story mission
  • Stage 2 Evolution: Reach level 45 and complete Sync Pair story mission
  • Stage 3 Evolution: Reach level 60 and complete Sync Pair story mission

After you’ve reached the required level you will need to purchase Evolution materials and then complete a special mission to perform the evolution.  The only way you will have access to the special mission is if you have enough of the evolution materials.

You can purchase the Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals in the Pokemon Center.  You’ll want to visit the blue vendor Tricia on the left of the Pokemon Center and go to the Item Exchange section of the shop.  This will allow you to use coins to trade for Evolution Materials.  You can purchase Evolution Share for 1000 Coins or an Evolution Crystal for 5000 Coins.

Leveling your Pokemon can be done through playing missions and getting rewards.  You’ll earn levels for completing battles, and you’ll earn items like Level Up Manuals that can be used to speed up the leveling process.  Once you’ve gotten any items that can speed up the leveling process, you’ll want to visit Trinnia (The green NPC on the right side of the Pokemon Center) and select the Level Up option.  There you use bronze, silver, and gold level-up manuals to expedite the leveling process when trying to evolve.

Once you’ve performed an Evolution in Pokemon Masters your Sync Pairs will get new moves that you can use in battle and they will be stronger.

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