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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Guide – Mauville City Gym (Leader Wattson)

by Dean James


As soon as you arrive in the the city where the third gym is located, you will notice how different it looks from the norm as almost all of the city is indoors. With the place full of electricity running everything, it seems fitting that the gym leader would be an Electric type, not to mention the name Wattson kind of hints at it as well.

Starter wise, those who picked Torchic and have evolved it to the point of having fighting type moves would be in the best boat, as both Fighting and Fire will be super effective again the Electric/Steel dual type that will be found often here. If you have been able to find any, Ground type movies will be the most effective of all throughout the gym. The gym itself is pretty straight forward as you must step on switches to move the electric fences that block your way. Eventually you will get past and make your way to Wattson.

Below are the list of Trainers that players will get to meet in the Mauville City Gym and the Pokemon that they will use:

Guitarist Kirk


-Magnemite – Level 16 (Electric/Steel)

-Electrike – Level 16 (Electric)

Youngster Ben


-Electrike – Level 17 (Electric)

Battle Girl Vivian


-Meditite – Level 19 (Fighting/Psychic)

Guitarist Shawn


-Voltorb – Level 15 (Electric)

-Voltorb – Level 17 (Electric)

Gym Leader Wattson


-Magnemite – Level 19 (Electric/Steel)

  • Moves:
    • Thunder Wave
    • Volt Switch
    • Tackle
  • Strategy: As mentioned in the opening, a Ground type will be your best bet, especially since it would nullify any of the electric attacks. If you do not have any, utilize Fire or Fighting if possible.

-Voltorb – Level 19 (Electric)

  • Moves:
    • Charge
    • Rollout
    • Volt Switch
  • Strategy: The only type that you will find super effective here is a Ground type, but something like Grass can hold its own defensively.

-Magneton – Level 21 (Electric/Steel)

  • Moves:
    • Magnet Bomb
    • Supersonic
    • Volt Switch
  • Strategy: See the same strategy as with Magnemite above.

Rewards: Dynamo Badge, TM 72 Volt Switch

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