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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How To Get Your Demo Ash-Greninja

by Dean James


Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally out for the Nintendo 3DS, and while everyone is picking their new starter and beginning their journey. As we told you before, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version that came out a few weeks ago has an exclusive Pokemon and some items that you can transfer over into the full game and we’re here now to tell you have to get them in the full game.

We already explained in a game that you could transfer your Ash-Greninja and a number of collected items from the demo over to Pokemon Sun or Moon, with this being done by talking to Professor Kukui at the Pokemon Center in the demo.

Now that Sun and Moon are actually out though we have some more detailed steps. If you have a save on either Pokemon Sun or Moon, either through cartridge or digitally, go back into the demo and head to the Pokemon Center. Speak with Professor Kukui on the right and he will ask you what you want to transfer.

When the original demo was released we wondered how early in the game we could get access to Ash-Greninja, and Kukui now reveals that the the Pokemon will not listen to you until after you have completed two grand trials. This sounds similar to how the badges were in the previous games with levels.

After you are done sending over your Ash-Greninja and whatever items you had available to send, exit out of the demo and move over to your full version of either Sun or Moon. Advance far enough into the game to where you can visit your first Pokemon Center. Inside the Pokemon Center, you should see a guy wearing a blue and orange striped shirt that you need to talk to. He will provide you with your “mystery gift” Ash-Greninja and items from the demo.

After this, you are done with the transfer process and you just need to wait until later in the game to actually be able to use your Level 36 Ash-Greninja.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018