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Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version Guide: Completing The Trial

by Dean James


Pokemon Sun and Moon is less than a month away from release and this is really looking like the game that is going to break the mold we’ve come to expect over the years with Pokemon. The removal of gyms and replacing them with special island challenge trials is one change, one of which you get to try out in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version.

After starting the demo and getting the introductions out of the way, you will eventually be able to explore the area. Upon leaving Hau-oli City and heading to the Ten Carat Hill area, you will head north through some grass patches, potentially fighting a few trainers along the way depending on how you’re walking.

Eventually, you’ll reach a cave on the northern most part of the area that is where your first island challenge trial will be. Professor Kukui will be waiting in here and will give you a Poke Finder and ask you to find four Pokemon to complete the trial. He will also give you his Pikachu to use in the battles as well, but you should be more than fine with just Greninja.

Your first inclination might be to run direct to the bottom left, but Professor Kukui will say something each time you try. Instead, what you’re looking for is along the western wall of the small part of the cave to the left of the professor, where you will notice a prompt to press A. This will then have you take a picture of a Jangmo-o, which causes you to battle it.

After this battle, head down that pathway that Professor Kukui would not let you before and take the upper pathway, where you’ll come across another prompt on the northern wall, where you’ll fight another Jangmo-o.

Keep moving in the cave and eventually you’ll notice another spot you can interact with to a Hakamo-o, which you must then fight and defeat.

After this third Pokemon, you will head north from here and actually leave the cave. Continue heading north and you’ll face the Totem Hakamo-o, who will also call in a Rockruff for help.

After defeating the Totem Pokemon, Professor Kukui will show up and reward you with a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal called Electirum Z that allows Pikachu to use the move Gigavolt Havoc. This can be tried out in the following battle that comes against the Team Skull Admin Plumeria, who you should also not have much trouble with between Greninja and the powered up Pikachu.

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