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Pokemon Sword and Shield – All Current Mystery Gift Code/Passwords December 2019

Use your codes before they expire.

by Dean James


The Pokemon franchise has been using what are known as Mystery Gifts for years now as a way of distributing Pokemon and items to players in a variety of different ways. A few of these are just simply accessible online by everyone, while some others require a special code or password that you have to enter. Some of them have exclusive one use codes that you have to get from stores during special events, but there are also some codes that can be used by everyone and this guide will include a rundown of all of the currently available codes in Pokemon Sword and Shield for December 2019.

All Current Mystery Gift Code/Passwords December 2019

Before introducing the codes themselves, it would probably be a good idea to explain how to get to the point of inputting them in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To use Mystery Gift Codes and Passwords, start by opening up the pause menu and selecting “Mystery Gift.” On the next screen, select “Get a Mystery Gift” and it will bring you to one more menu screen with multiple options. Here, you want to select “Get With Code/Password” and the game will bring up a keyboard for you to start entering codes.

The codes here can be up to 16 characters, though they will not always be that long, especially if they a multi use code like the ones we will be discussing here. Codes also have expiration dates, so it is important to keep an eye on when that will be and make sure to use them before that date. The following are all of the current codes as of December 2019 for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

1HAYAHA – 1 Heavy Ball, 1 Lure Ball, 1 Beast Ball (Expires January 15, 2020)

K0UN1NMASC0T – 1 Level Ball, 1 Moon Ball, and 1 Fast Ball (Expires January 15, 2020)

0KUGAFUKA1B0RU – 1 Love Ball, 1 Friend Ball, and 1 Dream Ball (Expires January 15, 2020)

PRESENT – 10 Luxury Balls (Expires January 30, 2020)

After entering each of these codes, it will come up with a box and you have to select it to redeem it. Once you do, you will have access to what has been given to you. In the case of the current codes, these codes are good opportunities to get some varying types of Poke Balls to try out in the game. Perhaps this can be a trial run to see if you feel like you need more of these and if they are worth the trouble of getting.

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