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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How and Where to Find Mimikyu

How to catch Mimikyu in Sword and Shield

by Kyle Hanson


While many Pokemon were cut from the Pokedex in Sword and Shield, tons of fan favorites made it into the Galar region. Charizard, of course, along with others like Gastly and other Gen 1 characters. And it will be a very surprising day when Pikachu doesn’t appear in a Pokemon game. But what about Mimikyu, the beloved addition from the previous generation? He’s there, but you’re gonna have to work hard to find him. Here’s how and where to find Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How and Where to Find Mimikyu

You won’t find Mimikyu just hanging around anywhere. In fact, everything has to be just right for this very rare and sought after Pokemon to appear. First off, you’ll need to finish the main story, reaching the end credits. This is important because the weather needs to be foggy, which is a feature that unlocks after doing so. Once that’s done you may need to use our method to change the weather. Fog is already pretty rare, so be sure to take note when it appears, and here’s where you need to focus.

The Giant’s Mirror in the Wild Area is where to find Mimikyu in Sword and Shield. There’s rumors that he’ll pop up in the adjacent regions of the Wild Area, but no firm confirmation has come through. If the weather in the Giant’s Mirror, which is to the far north of the area, is foggy head there but even then be ready to put work in. Mimikyu is an exceptionally rare spawn, so be ready to wander around a lot, looking for him to appear in the tall grass.

In short, watch for foggy weather in the Giant’s Mirror to the north section of the Wild Area. Head there and be ready to wander for a long time, possibly hours. Follow these tips for how and where to find Mimikyu in Pokemon Sword and Shield and you’ll get him eventually.

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