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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How and Where to Find Ralts

Where to catch the psychic fairy type Pokemon

by Kyle Hanson


At its core, Pokemon Sword and Shield are all about finding new species of Pokemon to catch. While previously you just needed to know which route a particular character would appear on, but things are more complicated now. Sometimes it’s the time of day, or just dumb luck, but most of the time it’s the weather. This is especially the case for Ralts, a fan favorite psychic and fairy type character that goes all the way back to gen 1. To help you catch him, here’s how and where to find Ralts in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How and Where to Find Ralts

As I said, it’s not as easy as heading to a route and wandering around till he spawns. Ralts is very weather dependent, so you may want to know how to change weather in Sword and Shield. Once you know that, you need to start looking for heavy fog, which is one of the rarer weather patterns throughout the Wild Area. Overcast has a chance of spawning Ralts, but it’s much lower than fog. Of course, fog only unlocks once you’ve become the Galar region champion and completed the post game mission, so make sure you complete the main quest before hunting for Ralts.

Once you have done so, the specific regions you’ll want to watch for are the Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, Watchtower Ruins, North and South Lake Miloch, and West Lake Axewell. If any of these show foggy weather on the map, head there and Ralts should be appearing pretty regularly. Just watch the tall grass for the tiny green and red head to pop out. Rush in, cause if Ralts sees you he will start to run away, and soon you’ll have your own.

And that’s how and where to find Ralts in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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