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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Change Clothes

Find a fitting room in the Boutiques of Galar.

by William Schwartz


Money is one of the things that you’ll constantly be earning in Pokemon Sword and Shield.  Whether you’re out battling other trainers or exploring the world, this cash is used to keep you stocked up on items.  However, once you should have plenty left over to purchase some new clothes as well.  Purchasing new clothes and changing into them is done in Boutiques in the game and you’ll find them at major areas in Galar.

Two early Boutiques include one in Motostoke and one in Wedgehurst.  Both boutiques offer you a unique selection of items to purchase, as well as a changing room that you can use to change your outfit.


You can purchase new clothes at a vendor.  Your first opportunity to do so is when you head into the first town.  There is a clothing shop at the top left of the town.  Once you purchase an item you can choose to put it on in the store.  If you do so your appearance will change instantly.

When you are in a clothing shop you can use the changing room to change into any clothes that you have available.

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