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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Complete The Turffield Gym Mission

Must complete to face off against Milo.

by Dean James


Pokemon Sword and Shield thankfully bring back full scale gym battles after changing things up in Sun and Moon, but they did not forget the idea of Island Challenges completely. Prior to each gym battle, you have to complete what is known as a gym mission, with our first coming at the Turffield Gym ahead of the battle with Milo. This guide will explain how you can complete the Gym Mission.

How to Complete the Turffield Gym Mission

As soon as you walk into the Turffield Gym, you will be presented with a challenge that requires you to take groups of 20 Wooloo at a time and directing them to the far end to get past each barrier. The first one of these is very simple, as you just walk behind them and they will head towards it. They might get separated, but just take your time and you’ll get all of them to the barrier.

As soon as you get them to the barrier though, you will run into Gym Trainer Samuel that you have to battle. All he has is a Gossefleur, so make easy work of him and move on to the next part.

Once you get to the second area though, you will have a little more trouble thanks two obstacles. The first of these is a Yamper that will scare the Wooloo into the other direction, so your group of Wooloo may get separated, which is find. You just have to take them in separate groups if need be and sneak around the area that the Yamper is not.

In addition to the Yamper in the way, you will come across Gym Trainer Mark, who is more in the way than Samuel was. Mark has a Budew and an Oddish, both of which you should be able to make quick work of with type match-ups. You can even skip this match outright if you move the Wooloo effectively enough.

Now you have made it to the third and final area, which has two Yampers for you to avoid and a trainer to fight as well. You probably will have to split the Woo Loo up here at some point, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get past. Gym Trainer Leah will challenge you on your way though, throwing out Bounsweet and an Oddish.

Once you have defeated Leah and gotten all 20 Wooloo to the end of this third area, you will have completed the mission and get to go take on the gym leader, Milo.

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