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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Evolve Rolycoly Into Carkol

Reach the middle evolution of this powerful Pokemon.

by Dean James


Not every Pokemon in the game has two evolutions, so it’s always great to find ones that do in each new game. Pokemon Sword and Shield has introduced multiple new ones into the mix, with Rolycoly being one of those new Pokemon to have a full evolution chain. This Pokemon’s evolutions have very useful typing and this guide will detail how you can get that next form.

How To Evolve Rolycoly into Carkol

Rolycoly is not a Pokemon you should come across right away in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it won’t be too far into the game. Once you do have Rolycoly in your possession, go ahead and add it to your party and start raising it up. Depending on when you get Rolycoly, it should be able to slot right into your team based on its level.

Geting Rolycoly to evolve to its next form should be rather easy, as all you have to do is raise its level up to a certain level. Once Rolycoly hits level 18, it will turn into Carkol, which is not a Rock/Fire type instead of Rock type. Unless you have Scorbunny in your party, this is definitely a good Pokemon to have with you moving forward.

Upon evolution, Carkol also learns Flame Charge, which is definitely worth learning since it is now a Fire type as well.

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