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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Find Hidden Items

More obvious than in the past.

by Dean James


Dating back to the very first Pokemon games, Red and Blue, there were hidden items to be found in the game. At that time, you had to get very lucky pressing A while walking around or get the Itemfinder to try and help narrow down where they are at. Finding such hidden items are much easier these days and this guide will explain how you can find them in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How To Find Hidden Items

Having Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch has allowed Game Freak to build a bigger world than ever before, while also being able to show more on the actual overworld. Having Pokemon showing up as you walk around instead of only as random encounters is huge, but also big are the hidden items in the game being a lot easier to find.

As you walk around Galar in Pokemon Sword and Shield, keep an eye out for glowing sparkles throughout. These sparkles will fade in and out, so you have to look closely for them. Whenever you do see a sparkle, walk up to it and interact with it by pressing the A button.

When you interact with these spots, you will be rewarded with some of item in the game. There are many different types of items to be found this way, so always check out any nearby sparkles that you see while playing Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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