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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Gain More EXP and Level Up Pokemon Faster

Limit who you're leveling up.

by Dean James


Pokemon has always been about catching different Pokemon and leveling them up along the way, with leveling the entire party getting much easier in recent iterations. This has been thanks to the introduction of EXP Share for the whole party, which is now back as a permanent addition to the party that cannot be removed. However, there is still a way to power level certain Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield and this guide will explain how you can do just that.

How To Gain More EXP and Level Up Pokemon Faster

With every battle you take part in, you will be given EXP as a reward for winning after, whether this is a wild Pokemon battle or a trainer battle. This EXP is then distributed among your party based on a few different factors, such as participation and level it appears.

Actually focusing on one specific Pokemon with leveling up requires a little bit of thinking out of the box, but it is possible. To power level one or only a few Pokemon in your party, you must go to the Pokemon Center and head to the computer.

At this point, you should deposit any Pokemon in your party that you do not want to level up. This could mean leaving just one Pokemon in your party, though you could do more if you want. The less members you have in your party, the more EXP that each Pokemon will receive in battle.

This is sort of a roundabout way of getting EXP faster for your specific Pokemon that you want to level up faster, but it really is the only way you can in this game with the inability to turn off EXP Share. On top of that, always remember that trainer battles will provide you with more EXP than wild Pokemon, though you will come across a lot more of the latter than the former in the game.

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