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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get Earbuds, Change Audio Options

The earbuds give you access to unseen audio options.

by William Schwartz


Pokemon Sword and Shield have a weird way of giving you access to the audio options in the game.  You actually have to get an item from one of the NPCs in the game to get access to these features.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly how you get the Hi-tech Earbuds and what you do with them.

The Hi-tech earbuds will be given to you with very little effort by the time you get to the town of Motostoke.  Once you get to the town you simply need to speak with one of the NPCs in the main area who will hand over the earbuds.  The gentleman is standing outside the record store just past the Pokemon Center in the area.  Speak with him and he’ll hand them over no questions asked.

Once you have the earbuds you can access some audio features in the game by heading into the X Menu.  Press X > Options > Scroll down on the options page and you will see that you have access to three different sliders that you can use to highlight certain audio sounds:  Background Music, Sound Effects, and Pokemon Cries.

There’s no need to do anything else to gain access to this feature.  The Hi-tech earbuds will stay in your inventory in the Key Items section of your Bag.

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