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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get Mew

Get the Gen 1 Legendary into Sword and Shield

by Kyle Hanson


While Pokemon Sword and Shield are unique in that there are restrictions on which characters you can bring to the latest adventure from Game Freak, there is a healthy number of returning creatures from the past. Gen 1 is always a fan favorite, so many of its characters are making the leap to Switch, including the highly sought after Legendary Pokemon Mew. However, it’s not as easy as catching it in the wild or transferring from a previous game, since that’s not possible yet. Instead you need a Poke Ball Plus, and it likely needs to be new. Here’s how to get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Mew

As I said, to get Mew at launch in Sword and Shield you need a Poke Ball Plus. If you recall back to when that device was launched alongside Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, it came with a Mew hidden inside. If you took advantage at that time then your Mew is gone…or at least it’s in your Let’s Go Pokedex and can’t be exported out (at least until Home is released). So for the time being you need to have a fresh, untransferred Mew in your Poke Ball Plus. If you have that then keep reading to see how to get it into Sword and Shield.

Once in your game press X to bring up the menu then choose Mystery Gift. From there choose the Take a Stroll with Poke Ball Plus option. This will connect to the device, so follow any on screen instructions. Once it connects you will be notified that Mew is inside, and can transfer it into your Sword and Shield game. And that’s how to get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield. A simple process, but unfortunately somewhat reliant on having the additional accessory as of now. Hopefully that changes once Home arrives.

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