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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get the Shiny Charm

How to catch more Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield

by Kyle Hanson


Catching them all isn’t enough for some Pokemon players. For a select few hardcore trainers, it’s all about getting the rarest and best characters. This often involves hidden traits or hunting the toughest to find creatures. But the true gem of any trainer’s collection are shiny Pokemon. And nothing makes it easier to get these rare variants than the Shiny Charm. But as the games were brand new, it took awhile for fans to figure out where this thing is in the game. Here’s how to get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What is the Shiny Charm

Before we get into that, let’s explains what is the Shiny Charm in Sword and Shield. If you’ve gotten this item in previous games, it’s the same so feel free to skip ahead. The Shiny Charm is a key part of any Shiny Hunting strategy, check out that guide for tips on finding these rare creatures.

In short, the item makes it much much easier to catch shiny forms of Pokemon. In most encounters your chance of a Pokemon being shiny are 1 in 4096. With the Shiny Charm it drops to one in 1365 or thereabout. It does this by basically re-rolling your chance at the shiny two times per encounter. It’s a huge boost, which can be combined the with previous guide to give yourself a solid chance at these highly sought after characters.

How to Get the Shiny Charm

Now let’s get into how you get the Shiny Charm. You won’t like the answer though. Not only do you need to complete the game, finishing the main campaign by defeating all the gym challenges and the concluding section of the story, but you also need to truly catch em all. You need a complete Galar Region Pokedex, catching all 400 Pokemon featured in the game. This will certainly be a tough challenge, so check out all of our guides on how to catch rare Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

Once you get them all just go to the hotel in Circhester, to the higher floor using the elevator. Go to the room at the end of the hall to the left and speak to the doctor. He will hand you the item you’ve worked so hard for. It will take effect immediately with no action needed on your side. And that’s how to get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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