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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Ride Bike

The bike will be a reward for a good deed.

by William Schwartz


In Pokemon Sword and Shield you have a faster method of travel available to you once you’ve reached Route 5.  You’ll find a man being hassled by two Team Yell members on the bridge and if you help him you will get a bike that can be used when exploring Galar.  Once you have the bike you simply need to use the controller to pull it up when you want to get around a little bit faster than on foot.

To ride the bike in Pokemon Sword and Shield you simply need to use the + or – buttons on the Switch controller when traversing the overworld.  Once you’re riding the bike your appearance will change and you’ll be wearing a bicycle helmet.  You can use the bike almost anywhere, but it does make picking or even seeing some of the hidden objects in the game a little bit harder than when on foot.

You will still be able to see items flickering or shining in areas, but you will need to get off of your bike to collect them.  However, if you ride the bike into tall grass or into wandering Pokemon you will wind up in a fight against them.

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