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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Turn Off Auto Save

Save your SD card and allow for soft reset

by Kyle Hanson


For the first time in series history, a mainline Pokemon game has auto save as a default feature. Unfortunately, many players won’t want it on throughout their Galar adventure. For various reasons, which include a rumored Day One bug that might erase contents of your SD card, many players want to turn the feature off. It’s pretty easy to do, so here’s how to turn off auto save in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Turn Off Auto Save

Thankfully, unlike turning off EXP Share, turning off auto save is very easy. It’s a default option right in the menu. To access it just tap X on your Switch then choose Options. Here you will see the Auto Save option which can be toggled from on to off. Once turned off you’re safe from the bug and from triggering events that you might want to revert. However, with it off you’ll want to be sure you know how to save in Sword and Shield.

Once you have turned off Auto Save you will find it easier to soft reset your game for various reasons. This is important for more hardcore players who want to try to get shiny or special Pokemon. But it also means you need to manually save whenever possible. Restarting the game or the Switch will cause you to lose progress, if you haven’t saved. Auto Save makes sure this won’t happen. But if you have concerns about the bug or want to soft reset often, it is likely better to keep it turned off for the time being.

If you want to turn on Auto Save just repeat the process above and you’ll be able to toggle it to on. So hopefully that helps explain how to turn off auto save in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Check back for more on these latest games and all things Pokemon in the days ahead.

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