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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Walk Slowly and Sneak Up On Pokemon

Some Pokemon require patience to catch.

by Dean James


Pokemon Sword and Shield is the first all new console Pokemon RPG experience after Game Freak gave fans a taste with last year’s Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games. While remakes of Pokemon Yellow essentially, the games made a lot of changes, including the addition of Pokemon in the overworld. This is one of the major changes that has also carried over to Pokemon Sword and Shield in some capacity, which may require you to sometimes sneak up on certain Pokemon to catch them. This guide will detail how you can do just that in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How To Walk Slowly and Sneak Up On Pokemon

Pokemon are found in two different ways in Pokemon Sword and Shield, through the random battles within tall grass as you are used to, as well as through moving around in the overworld as mentioned above. The Pokemon being out in the wild changes things dramatically, as it allows you to see what ones are out in the open for you to try and catch instead of the completely random battles from the past. However, catching Pokemon in the overworld isn’t always as easily as you might think, because some of these Pokemon will run away from you.

For these Pokemon, such as Galarian Ponyta, you will need to find a way to sneak up on them to try and battle them to eventually try to catch them. To sneak up on them, what you must do is start moving with the left analog stick, but just barely push it in the direction you want to go. This will cause your character to walk slowly and move in a crouching motion. This is just what you want as a way to sneak up on the Pokemon, so maintain this strategy to catch them all.

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