Pokemon Sword and Shield – Where to Find Move Reminder

Learn some moves you lost out on due to evolution or just regret passing on.

by Dean James
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Almost every Pokemon can learn a wide array of moves naturally by leveling up, in addition to the array of TMs they can learn as well. While there are so many moves to choose from though, each Pokemon can only have four learned at one time. This means you have to erase existing ones to learn new ones, which may cause regret later. There are also some moves you may have missed out on entirely based on the level you got the Pokemon at. For both of these reasons, Pokemon Sword and Shield brings back the Move Reminder and this guide will explain where you can find him.

Where To Find Move Reminder

The Move Reminder in some Pokemon games was not only hard to find, but also required items for each move you remember. However, Pokemon Sword and Shield makes this process so much better and easy to use.

Whenever you need to have one of your Pokemon remember a move they either forgot or missed out on entirely, head to a Pokemon Center. Just to the left of the healing station and PC, you will see a man in a plaid shirt at a counter.

Speak with this man, who happens to be the Move Reminder and he will ask which Pokemon you want to have remember something. From there, he will pull up a list of all possible moves that Pokemon could have learned and lets you learn them free of charge, of course having to forget another move in return.

The ease of doing this makes it great to play around with different moves to see how you like them, while always being able to switch it back out if you have regrets. Orbeetle in particular was one that also had a lot of missed moves upon evolving that you can add to their arsenal, so it’s always worth checking out for each of your Pokemon in the party to see if there were any missed moves as well.